Cloud-Based & Secure

DP Web is hosted on Microsoft Azure. With HIPAA and PCI Compliance in mind, we have adopted NIST 800.53 standards as our security policy framework, with activity monitoring, proactive attack detection and intrusion mitigation systems, and third-party security scanning. Within the ScreenHubb system, our account management tools and role-based permissions help you control and monitor access to your private data, PHI, and privileged tasks.

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Something for Everyone

In DP Web, every stage in the life cycle of an employment screen is represented: program management, finding and selecting service providers, test ordering, collection, lab fulfillment, MRO Review, electronic data interchange, invoice generation, bill-payment, and more. Together, DP Web and the ScreenHubb Marketplace provide integrated B2B commerce and business management solutions for all members of the employee screening ecosystem.

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