The DrugPak Software Suite is the premier drug and alcohol testing management software available today.

Initially developed in 1988, hundreds of companies utilize our DrugPak Classic software to efficiently and effectively manage their substance abuse programs. These companies include employers who self administer their programs as well as a variety of companies serving in the drug testing industry—Third Party Administrators, Medical Review Officers, collectors, laboratories, occupational medicine and urgent care medical providers, and Substance Abuse Professionals.

Over the years, DrugPak Classic has evolved into a full suite of modules to meet the unique needs of our users. Well-known for our outstanding technical support, DrugPak Classic continues to be available in two flexible subscription packages.

After years of researching industry needs and discussions with our DP Classic user base, our new ScreenHubb platform is being introduced with DrugPak Web! This hosted, cloud-based system is secure and accessible. Replicating the modules of DrugPak Classic, DP Web improves on the functionality and features of DP Classic. It gives you the ability to seamlessly interface with your vendors and your clients and acts as the foundation for the ScreenHubb Marketplace that is soon to come.

Whether it is DrugPak Classic or our new DP Web, DrugPak software is:


  • Budget friendly Subscriptions eliminate large up-front purchase costs
  • Our modest Set-up Package helps you to successfully adopt our system
  • Flexible subscription terms and payment options are available


  • Our Basic Subscription is complete enough to meet most needs
  • Select additional functional modules to meet your specific situation
  • Add capacity as you grow


  • Import, process, and report results via web, fax, text or email
  • Select, track, manage and document random and follow up testing programs
  • Create and send automated invoices