Subscription Plans & Upgrades

Refer to the following guide to gain an understanding of the various DP Web Subscription Plans, Add-on Modules, and Account Upgrade options. 

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Setup Fee
Your first payment will include a one-time setup fee equal to the cost of two months' subscription, based on your selected package and
la carte subscription options.
DP Web Package Pricing Choose the plan that fits you best -- add upgrades la carte
starter small medium large
DP Web Core Module






Data and Document Storage

10 GB

30 GB

50 GB

70 GB

Fax Line

Comm. Tokens (Monthly)




Data Connections




Add-on  Modules




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la carte options
add-on modules Power-up your subscription package with advanced feature sets and entire applications
advanced reporting Gain access to a growing library of reports for advanced users and system administrators.
automation server Direct the system to automatically perform tasks such as running random selections and generating invoices, completely unattended.
billing Rule-based charge generation, bulk invoicing, export to Quickbooks and Peachtree.
client portal A secure web portal for your clients to manage their accounts.
data sync A client-side application for your data migration, continuously importing data into DP Web as you continue to use your legacy software.
document manager Import faxes, upload documents, add metadata, link to records, with secure storage and delivery options, integrated with all our apps.
mro pro A complete application covering functions for Medical Review Officers and MRO Assistants. *Additional User Upgrades may be required.
account upgrades Instant scaling of your account allowances
additional users Increase the number of users with access to your DP Web account. (not required for client portal users)
admin user upgrades Increase the number of DP Web users that can be assigned Administrative privileges. Assign this upgrade to an existing user.
mro/assistant user upgrades Increase the number of existing DP Web users that will also have access to MRO Pro. Assign this upgrade to an existing user.
300 Communication Tokens Increase your monthly allowance of Fax Page or SMS Text Messages (incoming or outgoing)
300 GB Storage Increase your total allowance of cloud storage for your documents and data.

data connections Automated electronic data interchange between you and one trading partner, such as a lab, mro, or employer.
fax lines A dedicated fax number used to send and receive electronic faxes, file as documents, and link to records.