Welcome to DP Web!

The future of DrugPak and the foundation for ScreenHubb.

DP Web replicates our traditional DrugPak Classic Software Suite in a secure, hosted, online environment. It takes our existing functionality and improves on it: not only does it provide you with new features but it is also more accessible and more automated. Ultimately, it makes the management of your drug and alcohol testing programs both easier and more efficient.

At its heart, the ScreenHubb platform has been designed to be a data exchange supplemented by DP Web and its functional software programs. As a data exchange, ScreenHubb provides for the secure transfer of data (result files, documents, etc) through a variety of means—both old (fax and email) and new (text and file transfer protocols) both into and out of DP Web.

As results and data are imported, DP Web users will process them through our online software and applications ultimately delivering information to their internal contacts or clients. Functionality includes MRO Pro, Remote MRO app, DP Web, and your own Client Portal.

Each of these is described in greater detail in the Functionality Section.

DP Web is available on a subscription basis. The Base Subscription is very affordable and packed with features. You can then add functional modules, additional users, and features to meet your specific needs

The Future: ScreenHubb

We realize that drug and alcohol testing providers are increasingly involved in and offering a growing variety of affiliate services. And, that employers are also increasingly looking for a single platform for their all their employment testing needs.

DP Web has been designed to be flexible with the intention of expanding beyond just drug and alcohol testing. Moving to a single, hosted platform allows us to more easily and quickly add new functionality to DP Web enabling it to support additional service offerings.

The ability to act as a data exchange will allow DP Web to interface with providers of all types of services. The traditional-- labs, collection sites, and MRO’s—and the not so traditional-- background check providers, applicant tracking systems, practice management systems. DP Web has been designed to interface with them all.

With DP Web completed, the next phase in the development of ScreenHubb will be the ScreenHubb Marketplace. You will be able to search the Marketplace for various product and service providers and easily develop a relationship with them. Orders for a variety of product and service will be able to be placed, tracked to fulfillment and paid for through the unique ScreenHubb ePayment process.

ScreenHubb… the smarter way to screen!