DP Web contains all the features needed by those involved in the administration of drug and alcohol testing programs—whether a single, self-administrating employer or the largest service agents managing hundreds of programs. Compare our features to any other software. You will see that DrugPak provides the best value—anywhere!

DrugPak has already created secure file transfer protocols with all of the major laboratories. These interfaces allowing for the importation of data into DP Web are fully automated—you no longer have to manually initiate the process. We have also developed a standard protocol for other providers (labs, MRO’s, etc.) to utilize to interface with DP Web. This will allow virtually any provider with the ability to communicate with our users. DP Web users can choose to interface with as many data sources as you would like.

We have also developed a data aggregation service for DP Web users allowing you to receive faxes and texts and have their contents automatically imported into the appropriate files!

As information is imported it will appear in our MRO Pro processing center. This portion of DP Web allows users to review results and take them through the MRO review process, if appropriate. Results, data, documents and any external or internal notes can be gathered together in a single record as you proceed through the review process.

This process can be automated to the degree that is appropriate allowing a result to flow on into DP Web. DP Web will capture the result, archive it for historical access, create result letters and provide for the creation of a variety of statistical reports.

In addition to the web-based MRO Pro, DrugPak has created a Remote MRO App that allows Medical Review Officers to access and process cases needing review from any location using an iOS or Android phone or tablet. Portability at its finest!

The core functionality of the system is DP Web itself. Comparable to DrugPak Classic’s Main Module, this is where you can establish users, permissions, companies and their sub-organizations. You create and customize a variety of reports and define how reports are to be distributed, to whom, and under which circumstances.

DP Web is also where you manage your random drug testing program—create pools, add participants individually or in bulk, build consortiums, define testing frequency and selection percentages or fixed amounts, monitor the actual testing that takes place against the selections made, and create statistical reports documenting compliance.

DP Web supports individual follow up testing schedules with user-specified criteria.

Reports (of any type) and notices may be distributed to contacts on an automated basis via fax, text or email. For results reports, these will generally notify the contact that a result is available and prompt them to log in to your Client Portal to view the actual result. Branded to meet your needs, this gives your internal contacts or external clients a secure environment to view activity associated with their testing programs.

Contacts will be able to perform a number of other activities in your Portal such as updating their random participant lists (add or delete individuals or upload in bulk).

Integrated into DP Web is the ability to create invoices associated with any testing activity and to send the data associated with these invoices into your accounting software packages (Quickbooks,Peachtree, etc.). Invoices may be distributed using all the options described above.

While simple to use, this Billing system is incredibly powerful and flexible to meet even your most complex invoicing scenarios!

The Support Center is available to all users as a resource to help you maximize your knowledge about and use of ScreenHubb and DP Web. In addition to the Hints built into the applications, the Support Center provides access to our Knowledge Center containing written documentation, papers and articles about the system; our Video Library showing how to perform common tasks in the system; and, provides access to our Support Team which is available through a ticket system.

DrugPak truly is software that works and support that really helps!