Client Portal

Client Portal is an optional add-on to your DP Web subscription plan

Empower your company or client contacts with your own privately branded, secure web portal while simultaneously freeing your staff from routine tasks. Allow your contacts to log in to a secure environment to view reports (new and historical) and manage their accounts (contacts, employee lists and even locations).

Clients can manage

  • Authorized Contacts
  • Locations & Addresses
  • Reporting rules
  • Participant lists (add / edit individual participants, or bulk-upload)

Reporting Features

  • When you send reports, clients can securely download the reports to view, print or save them outside the system
  • On Demand Reports: Your clients get their own report library to reprint historical reports, or create ad-hoc reports

Clients can see

  • Alerts for upcoming events
  • Test Results
  • Incomplete Random tests
  • Completed Randoms
  • Random Profiles associated with their accounts

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