This powerful module allows you to create rules and generate charges, initiate and distribute invoices individually or in bulk, then export data to your external financial systems. It also provides the flexibility to create charges on an individual sample basis or for one-time or recurring events at the company level. This add-on gains optional enhancements through the Automation Server Add-on. Billing is an optional add-on to Screenhubb subscription plans

General Features

  • Create Price Schedules, Simple or Complex
  • Define your own General Ledger Accounts and Billing Codes.
  • Download data to Quickbooks (Desktop or Online), Peachtree, or to a pdf.
  • Generate invoices by date range and by company with your own designated Invoice numbers

At the company level

  • Customize your Price Schedule
  • Create Roll-up Billing
  • Add one-time or recurring charges
  • Record Payments

At the sample level

  • Assign Billing Codes as needed (confirmations, witnessed collection, etc.)
  • Pass through vendor fees (lab, collection) at a flat fee or with a mark-up ( % or fixed amount)

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