DrugPak contains all the features demanded by MROs, third-party program administrators, and other drug and alcohol testing professionals. Compare all these features to any other software. You will see that DrugPak is the best drug testing software value--anywhere!

This system

  • Subscription includes access to our personalized and patient technical support hot line.
  • Allows unlimited number of companies with unlimited participants in each company
  • Includes mathematically random selections, recording of tests results, and extensive reporting
  • Monitors all random selection activity; features extensive audit trails, automatically creates results records
  • Allows for any number of preconfigured consortiums for selection and reporting purposes
  • Contains flexible random selection methods. Choose participants from companies, occupations, locations, user-defined pools, consortiums, or any combination of these
  • Features Social Security cross-reference checking for participants in more than one company
  • Generates individual follow-up testing schedules with user-specified parameters
  • Has flexible data management that allows change of Participant and Company ID codes
  • Meets the most stringent US-DOT reporting requirements, and is also well suited to non-mandated testing situations
  • Allows single company, multiple company, and consortium reporting
  • Is easy to use because it is fully Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP compatible
  • Contains a complete On-Line Training System that actually conducts lessons on screen and answers questions while you are using the software
  • Subscription includes FREE program updates downloadable from our internet site.
  • Reflects DrugPak experience in creating and supporting drug testing management software systems since 1988; this system includes hundreds of ideas contributed by professional MROs and TPAs

Optionally, DrugPak includes

  • Multi-user networking capabilities for all Windows/NT/Novell network operating systems. Inexpensively priced; call today for more information!
  • Existing reports that can be customized to meet your unique needs and...
  • ...an easy way to create your own reports with Crystal Reports software
  • Conversion of your existing data from your current system, if possible. Ask if your file format is in our library. Save a lot of work for a little money!

MRO Management provides an easy interface for results verification and virtually eliminates the need to manually enter drug test results from your laboratory. Instead of results coming to you via teleprinter or other means, lab results are downloaded to a file on your computer. Using MRO Management, the results can then be imported, verified, and permanently stored in DrugPak.

The MRO Management module features...

  • Import of results directly from lab files -- save hundreds of hours in data entry!
  • Ability to handle multiple lab formats; choose just what you need from our ever-expanding library of format files
  • A scripting language that allows custom modifications for your individual import needs
  • Complete integration with DrugPak including company, participant, test, and codes files
  • MRO review of any positive or negative test showing all lab data and comments
  • Fast and easy batch verification of negative results
  • Export of verified results to DrugPak for processing and reporting
  • No per-test fees
  • You completely control the flow of information from the lab(s) to your system.

DP Billing can save hours of work every billing cycle by producing accurate invoices in minutes. Use these invoices alone or send them along with your regular statements to be used as a detailed list of tests performed. DP Billing can handle simple or very complex pricing structures. Lab and collection site charges can be passed on to the customer. Different price structures may be used for each customer if necessary. Various print formats are available and can be customized for each customer. Exporting directly to QuickBooks and PeachTree are available to further streamline your business operations.

Our DP Billing module includes ...

  • Invoices compiled and printed directly from drug and alcohol testing records
  • Ability to create invoicing relationships to a "parent" company
  • Pricing for each individual test type
  • Ability to invoice at any time: daily, weekly, semi-monthly, monthly
  • Allowance for fixed or variable administrative fees
  • Calculations for discounts off standard pricing
  • Optional tax calculations
  • Global and/or individual company pricing for tests and services
  • Optional separate pricing for DOT and non-mandated tests
  • Ability to pass on various charges and fees for lab services and collections
  • Ability to include any number of other charges and/or credits
  • Ability to automatically repeat any charge or credit
  • Ability to create custom rules, allowing you to bill based on nearly anything
  • Numerous attractive invoice formats, individually chosen for each client
  • Ability to create "virtual letterhead" on each invoice from electronic or scanned graphics
  • Export of invoice totals to your Accounts Receivable system and/or General Ledger

Most companies in the drug and alcohol testing industry have utilized the Internet to send/receive E-mail and perhaps to host a web site describing their services. Now you can really leverage the power of the Internet with our DP Live Internet Server. DP Live acts as an Internet "gateway" for employee and test data, providing 24 hour access for your customers. DP Live lets any sized MRO/TPA compete with national drug testing providers by adding a level of service formerly only obtainable from expensive custom Internet programming. Click here to experience DP Live for yourself.

Our DP Live module ...

  • Provides instant access to test results virtually anytime and anywhere.
  • Allows anyone to list, add, edit, delete, and print participant information.
  • Allows update to company information such as contact, address, telephone and fax numbers.
  • Controls data transmissions so information cannot be seen by anyone but the logged-in user (secure connection).
  • Provides extensive administrator options to let you control what each user may see and change.
  • Includes full logging and audit trail of user activity for later review.
  • Make test results available to your customers as soon as they are entered into the DrugPak Main Module.
  • Allows random pools to be updated at the users' convenience. No data entry for you!
  • Is built on the same solid reliable foundation as the rest of the DrugPak Software Suite.
  • Only needs a Win 9x/NT/2K/XP computer on your network and an Internet connection.
  • Includes many features that can be customized by the user.
  • Is easy to integrate into your existing web site.

DP Live is priced to fit your business. Even the smallest organization can now have the features that large national groups have for an amazingly small amount. For information on pricing and other technical requirements, call our
Sales Team at 1-800-321-7826.

*In order to utilize DP Live, it is required to have both DP Client / Server and Internet Connector.

The Document Manager dramatically enhances your customers' satisfaction by reducing the response time to fulfill requests for various forms and documents. By scanning your paper documents into your computer, you can have instant access to everything your business requires. Replace dozens of file cabinets with inexpensive (and tiny by comparison) hard disk drive storage. All you need is a TWAIN-compliant document scanner and enough storage space to hold your documents*. Best of all is the convenience you will realize. With Document Manager, locating documents will only take seconds!

The Document Manager module ...

  • Allows you to find any scanned document in a matter of seconds.
  • Integrates completely with DrugPak to allow you to see all paperwork related to a test result, homebase, collection, or client with one mouse click.
  • Prints clear quality copies of any document on your laser printer.
  • Works with any inexpensive TWAIN-compliant scanner*.
  • Works with non-DrugPak documents as well. Scan any documents you want!
  • Supports centralized (single-station) scanning or decentralized (multiple workstation) scanning.
  • Integrates with DP Live** to allow your customers to download scanned documents without assistance.
  • Provides better service with a lower transaction cost.
  • Improves bottom line results by increasing customer satisfaction and attracting new clients to your state-of-the-art operation.

The Document Manager is priced to fit your business.
For information on installation, technical requirements and scanners we have tested, call our Sales Team at 800-321-7826.

* A typical 120GB hard drive which sells for $200 or less can hold approximately 2.4 million documents. Your results will vary depending on a number of factors and your individual requirements. Drugpak recommends you consider a sheet feed scanner for increased productivity. There are a variety of brands and models on the market and it is important that your scanner(s) be suited to your requirements.

** DP Live requires a separate license.

DP Informer distributes test results to your customers via E-mail, fax, or both. All that is required is a fax/modem and a standard Internet E-mail account. Custom cover pages and E-mail messages accompanying test results may be set for each of your clients. For confidentiality, you may optionally send only negative test results. Improve your response time with little effort!

The DP Informer module includes ...

  • The ability to electronically transmit test results to your customers
  • The choice to send results via standard e-mail over the Internet or ...
  • ... send results via fax, or BOTH!
  • Individual settings for each company to customize transmission settings
  • A new "Short Form" Results Report for batch transmission of multiple results
  • Optional transmission of the standard DrugPak Results Letter
  • The ability to control the time of day for fax and e-mail transmissions
  • The same high level of quality support that goes with all DrugPak modules!
  • Optional e-mail encryption
  • Broadcast function allows you to send document(s) to all your Informer contacts at once

The DP Client / Server Database Engine provides for a more powerful and extensible system and is recommended for any network installation. It is required in the following situations: 1) systems with 5 or more users, 2) When utilizing DP Live, 3) When users are connecting to DrugPak via a remote connection (VPN, etc.).

DP Internet Connector is a license that allows internet users access to the DP Client / Server Database Engine. It is required when using DP Live or when users are connecting to DrugPak via remote connection (VPN, etc.).

Created for drug testing programs that process a high volume of drug tests per day, the DP Client / Server Database Engine is an exciting DugPak option. Generally with all software systems, the more data there is to be processed, the slower each process works. Client/Server processing is the solution to handling large databases on PC networks.

The "client" portion of the database engine resides on each client (user workstation) computer. The other portion of the database engine resides on the network server. Instead of the user workstation searching through the entire database to find information (normal method) when performing a process, it sends a request to the server to find only the data that is needed. The software on the server responds instantly and sends the client the data to fulfill its request. This eliminates long database searches and greatly reduces processing time.

Another advantage to Client/Server is increased stability. Should a workstation lose power or lockup while in use, no DrugPak files will become corrupted. The server simply cancels the last incomplete transaction when it detects the workstation is no longer responding. This means far greater reliability for your precious data.

Like other DrugPak products, you can try the client/server option for 30 days with no obligation. To learn more how client/server can benefit your DrugPak operations, call our Sales Team at 800-321-7826 x: 1.

The Client/Server module includes

  1. Software designed to be very efficient in handling large volumes of data, but without requiring expensive specialized computers
  2. The same efficiency in processing that large corporations use to process billions of records daily.
  3. The ability to increase the speed of nearly all data access functions from 50 to 500%
  4. Capabilities to reduce network "traffic" and increase the speed of other programs using the network
  5. A design to reduce the possibility of corrupted files when there is a system failure on the network (such as a loss of electric power)
  6. Availability on several platforms including peer-to-peer networks, Novell NetWare, and Windows NT/2000/XP servers
  7. A very low cost for the gain in productivity!

Using sample data with 3500 clients, 191,000 employees, and 6 years of test results, the following observations were made during several "typical" DrugPak operations using Client/Server versus the standard database engine.

Operation Standard Client/Server
Printing a result letter 10 sec 4 sec
Spooling a participant list
with 17,000 employees
2 min 15 sec 1 min 15 sec
Loading the consortium screen
with 3500 clients
50 sec 7 sec
Pack and Index all data files 2 hours 3 min 39 min